Special features:

Small weight and transport size! VENTO® as light as a cloud!

Only 5 minutes! And you can your Vento tent with constant pressure.

Without any ventilator! Ideal for places, where constant power is impossible.



ou need about 5 minutes to put up the tent!
An aerodynamic shape, light and functional tent with constant pressure, without the need of using a ventilator!
We recommend the tent for places, where constant power is impossible.

The VENTO®tent 4×4 offers over 40m2 of advertising area and 15 m2 of usable area at your disposal!

The tent consist of 4 seperate modules filled with air and a polyester shell, which can be made of coloured fabric (Standard Palette Plus) or printed in any way.
The shell consists a peak and a door, which are mounted with a zipper and are additional elements.

Tents walls are available in three options:

  • full wall,
  • wall with vertical zip,
  • wall with a window.

Additional air-tight roofing is an accessory, which isn’t just expanding the advertising area, but it also makes the tent look more presentable. The walls and additional air-tight roofing can be mounted in the same time.

VENTO® tents can be combined together with a connector. The network of connected tents makes an extraordinary tent park.

Every VENTO® tent basic equipment consists:

  • anchors,
  • ropes,
  • hammer,
  • hand pump,
  • operating manual,
  • transport bag.

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